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International Tour - Part 2/2 Mostoles International Cup U12's Part 2/2 . U12's

Finta Futsal with Ciudad de Mostoles

When we travelled from Barcelona to Madrid we were very confident . After playing the giants equally until the final whistle we had finally created the strenght needed to compete at that level . Mentally , phisically and technically .

Group stages was never going to be easy as only one team would qualify and the best second overall . Every game was a final and there was no rooms for mistakes .

Game 1 saw Finta play Ciudad de Guadalajara , Finta was focused and determined and seemed more clinical with the finishing than in Barcelona . We scored the goals we needed early and managed the game well . Final Score Finta 7-0 Ciudad de Guadalajara .

Second game we were going to face Moprisala U12's . We had done our research to learn that their u12's had previously played in the semi final of the Spanish Cup against El Pozo and the game was level so it wouldn't be easy for our boys . We knew that any mistakes would send us home early and focus was mandatory . We were consistent and really hard to break down . Harry was on form and even when we were broken down he would step up and make fine saves . Final Score Finta 9-0 Moprisala . It was a surprise result and everyone started talking about the Finta boys .

We went to the third and last game of the group with a 21pm kick off against the best team in the group Equipe Sport from Zaragoza . They were staying at the same hotel as us and after talking to a parent she said they had never lost a tournament before and are top of the league in their region .

Game was really tense in the beggining and Equipe had a lot more chances in the first few minutes . Harry was probably on his best ever day and made saves that no one could believe . Finta were consistent and when we had the opportunities we broke in the counter and scored . Early second half Equipe went Flying Keeper trying to repair the damage but it wasn't this day we would conced . Finta scored another 2 goals making it 4-0 at the final whistle . Fair play to Equipe Sport a very good academy in all age groups they participated .

It seeme we had reached perfection , 3 clean sheets in the group stages , 20 goals scored . Everyone seemed to be in tune , from gk to pivot to coach . We were getting better every game . Other teams were talking about us and how we could go all the way .

In the Semi Final we would meet the Hosts Ciudad de Mostoles . They watched every game we played and unfortunately we couldn't do the same as they were in another hall . They came prepared with a game plan that would give us a lot of trouble .

Despite under pressure we took the lead early in the game and things seemed to be shaping in the right direction . A bad 10-15 minutes saw Mostoles score 5 goals before half time . All the consitency we had was lost in those minutes . Conceding a goal from a corner , losing balls at the back , and things that we don't normally do happened . Mostoles took their opportunities and killed the game in the first half .

Going to half time 5-1 down I saw most of the boys crying , upstet , sad , disappointed and surprised that was happening . That was the biggest learning curve of the week . Futsal is a brillant game and you can't give up before the final whistle . We need to be mentally strong to whateve adverstity we might face , is easy to be brave when we are winnning . Boys listened well and came back to the second half with a different mentallity . Unfortunately there was nothing else they could do . We tried to press high but after the 6th intense game in 6 days their legs wouldn't respond anymore , we needed a couple more subs (I decided to take only 8 due to playing time) , depth in the squad . We tried the flying gk and scored once making it 5-2 . Mostoles were focused and we would never turn that game around again but the main positive for me is that we TRIED .

"Some games you Win and some you LEARN "

Our boys learned that the mental factor of the game is very important . Being consistent , confident , persistent and patient is very important .

I have learned to plan for the phisycal side of this sort of competition .

It was very unfortunate , painful but we LEARNED . We made great friends with the boys from Mostoles and mutual respect and admiriation was created . Mostoles was in a very similar level to Barcelona , very consistent defensively , organised in attack . very few technical mistakes .

Thank you to - Harry , Harrison F , Harrison M , Fletcher , Frankie , Jack , Alfie , Henry

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