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Guti , Inter Movistar Academy

Prior to our break we welcomed Guti (Inter Movistar U12 Academy Player) to Essex . He spent a week with our team and stayed with the Finta families . It was a great opportunity for the kids to exchange experiences on and off the court , learn a new culture and make friends .

From the Futsal development point of view having Guti training and playing matches with us was excellent . He only plays futsal in Spain and is tactically well ahead of anyone I saw in England . This is due to many factors including environment , role models , training programmes.

Guti does not play football , he is solely a FUTSAL player . His idols are not Messi or Ronaldo but instead he watches and follows Futsal players of the highest caliber and is lucky enough to watch these players on a regular basis in the LNFS (Ricardinho , Miguellin , Ferrao , Ortiz and many others) . The boys have observed a few tips on the court and I could see them starting to "mimic" movements , touches etc.

I am sure that Guti also took a lot of info with him back home . The intensity our boys play at is very high and that definetely was something he felt in the first few days . Also the freedom given by our coaches within a system following our training phylosophy is probably new to him as in Spain specially at the biggest clubs everything is very tactical and action coordinated .

It has been a pleasure welcoming Guti into our home and a lifetime friendship has been created . Guti you are part of the Finta Family !!

Big thank you to all families that welcomed Guti into their homes and treated him as one of our own .

Friendly vs London Wizards

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