Finta was established in November 2015. The mission was to increase participation in futsal & provide specialists sessions for children in Essex . At the time futsal was a relatively unknown sport & we helped spread the word and provide experiences for local children.

Since then Finta has taken part in several tournaments both home & abroad, including 12 International tours abroad. Some of the highlights of those experiences includes playing against FC Barcelona academy, visiting Real Madrid, Juventus & competing in some of the most prestigious futsal tournaments in Europe.  

The name Finta in Portuguese means "feint" with or without the ball, make a deceptive or distracting movement to trick the defenders. It represents creativity, freedom to express & skills which we take it to heart. 

Along the years we have created a family environment where players feel part of the club & want to represent us wherever they go, something we are proud of.



CEO & Founder

Dimar Blanco


Rui Costa