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"I believe the finta sessions were amazing, my sons fitness, touch, dribbling and mental awareness have all improved immensely and this has been noticed by many coaches outside finta also! He also is having lots of fun and absolutely loves futsal now (more than football), I truly believe the coaching methods are having a major positive affect on my sons ability! Top top coach"


We provide specialists futsal sessions for kids 4-16 of all abilities. We will teach the basics of the game's fundamentals and techniques required to play futsal. We also understand that majority of our players wants to use their futsal knowledge to help them with their football development. Our Methodology is based on transferable concepts across different formats of the game to help develop intelligent, technical & creative players. 




"I have taken my son to Finta Arena session for few weeks and I am really pleased with how it helped my boy develop his game in areas of ball control & striking, switching on at all times, movement, passing etc. Very good coaches approachable by both parents and players. They use the right language and explains things to the boys in a simple way. I also appreciate the planning, energy, positivity and patience when doing the sessions. If you are a parent with a child who is keen to be a good baller, I recommend you give Finta Arena technical session a go."


Finta Arena has been a success since its launch, it focuses on the fine technical details and it allows for high repetition. The arena is designed to be fast, intense and cater for each individual to develop to the best of their ability.




" My son Enjoys training with Finta futsal, great coach and he can't wait to go back. It has helped with his development, confidence, ball mastery, control and dribbling in tight spaces. "


The players that thrive in our futsal sessions are invited to our advanced program which is designed to deliver age group specific futsal development opportunities. We believe that young players need to achieve a flow state of mind where challenge meets success and where growth happens, groups that have a large difference in ability normally cause either anxiety or boredom which can both be detrimental in development.
Our Advanced teams represent Finta in local, regional, national, and international competitions.
The academy sessions are by invitation only, players are selected through our regular futsal sessions.


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