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Last saturday 2nd March 2019 , Finta U14s were crowned Champions of Essex County Futsal Finals which will now lead to the FA Youth Futsal Cup . Finta's unbeaten run against strong estabilished teams like Southend Futsal & Braintree Futsal saw the Foxes win their regional cup . Regardless of the result it's extremely rewarding to see the development of these playes over the last 4 years . The base of the team has been together that long with a few additions along the way . I still remember coaching this group when they first started futsal and looking where they are in terms of understanding and engagement to the game now is a great gift ! This same group has finished Runners Up as U12s a couple of seasons ago after losing to Bolton Futsal in the Final in Birmingham . A achievement that can't be overlooked , runners up in England is something to be proud of . We now progress to the FA Youth Futsal Cup , always with the objective of going all the way but never forgetting the real aim of developing the players to be the best they can be , hopefully we will have a few England Internationals in the near future . We never know what will happen in the games but this group is definetely more prepared than 2 years ago , tactically , technically and also emotionally . I can't forget the players who are part of this group but are not allowed to be in the competition due to playing for professional Football academies . They have helped massively during the preparation always challenging during the sessions making it very competitive . Finally , all I can say is good luck to this devoted group of kids who love futsal and hopefully will follow a path into the sport if they have the chance . Um , dois , tres FINTA !

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